PCHealthcare Computers Ltd

Now specialising in Laptop repairs and virus removal and protection.

Julie says

Julie says:

"Buying a new machine can be a very confusing experience. Computer stores are always trying to promote this months special offer, usually sacrificing quality components for the sake of squeezing down build costs."

At PC Healthcare we don't cut corners. We take away confusion by building machines that meet your specifications and requirements exactly. Even if you know nothing about what goes into making a modern computer, don't worry, we will explain in non technical terms exactly what pieces go where, what they do and match them to your requirements for the machine.

Ask your local superstore if they can match this!

  1. We deliver to your home or office and install for no extra cost.
  2. All of our machines are covered by a 12 month on-site warranty including parts and labour without buying "extended" cover.
  3. We provide a personal service that far exceeds the realms of superstores.
  4. Only high quality components are used in the construction of your machine.
  5. From acceptance of your personalised quote to delivery is usually 2-3 working days.

In addition:

  • All of our machines come with the latest Microsoft Windows Desktop or Server Operating systems pre-installed.
  • All of our systems are 24hr Burn-in tested.
  • Optional OEM software can be installed before delivery.